Lucha Fantastica


'One day while I was selling Lucha Libre masks at the Queen Victoria Night Market, a woman asked me if we used the masks as a "Mexican fetish", I couldn't stop laughing until I realized the woman was actually asking a serious question', and that's when I thought, I have to show Melbourne what Lucha Libre is about.

Lucha Fantastica was founded in 2014, by Victor Diaz, Mexican immigrant to Australia. What started a bit as a joke to show people in Melbourne how Mexican wrestling works evolved into a huge Mexican Fiesta!

The Lucha Fantastica team is a diverse group of Mexican and Australian performing artists. The team includes: Mexican wrestlers, referees, musicians, DJs, hula hoopists, fire eaters and exotic dancers. Our talented team of wrestlers has up to 10 years of experience performing in wrestling shows around Australia.

To date we have presented more than 20 shows around Australia with record numbers of people attending any wrestling show in the country. We also have hosted two Lucha Fantastica wrestling shows and wrestling workshops in Singapore in 2015 for promotional events for the prestigious watch brand Hublot and we recently came back from a tour in China were we formed part of 'The Fight Club' Party hosted by World famous Cognac Martell. 

Lucha Fantastica is fast becoming well known all around Australia and overseas, we have been featured numerous times in National newspapers like The Age, the national radio networks SBS and PBS and on national television networks Channel 9 and Channel 10.

Keep an eye for our upcoming shows!

And if you are also looking for entertainment for your private party or for a corporate event, please send us a message to help you plan the best Fiesta you can host! We can help you with catering of Mexican food, Djs, live bands including Mariachis, burlesque girls and of course with Lucha Libre!