Mexican Wrestling Masks

The original, the real, the authentic, the genuine!

Lucha Libre Masks!

Masks are semi-professional quality and they are the same quality our Luchadores at Lucha Fantastica use.

From Rey Mysterio to El Santo, from Blue Demon to Mistico (now Sin Cara), from Mil Mascaras to even Nacho Libre, we source authentic Mexican Wrestling Masks in the styles of the most famous and well known Mexican wrestlers.

And now introducing: Super hero masks! (Deadpool, Spider Man, Captain America, Bane, Batman, Venom, Carnage, Wolverine, Hawk Eye and more!)

Our masks are handmade in Mexico City, the home of Lucha Libre.

We use lycra and vinyl materials ensuring the best quality, some minor changes in colour may occur as they are handmade.